Aerial Hydroseeding Services

Aerial hydroseeding is a proven method for fire reclamation and reforestation in the western U.S. and has had many successful results, where landslides and top-soil erosion threatened forested land after a wildfire are mitigated and desired plants are re-established. The hydroulch itself reduces this erosion, suppresses establishment of weeds, and creates ideal growing media for native seedlings.

Beginning in 2020, we offer a turn-key operation supplying native seed, hydromulch material, mixing equipment, helicopter equipment, a well-trained ground crew, and an experienced pilot with a reputable helicopter. For the spray operations, we currently use a spreader bucket longline system with a Bell helicopter operated by Paradise Helicopters from the North Shore of O’ahu. We will cover remote areas with the hydroseed slurry, GPS and provide maps of the area sprayed, and provide aerial photos of the project area.

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Seed Mixes

Desired restoration species are determined and seeds are used to create the hydroseed slurry used in the aerial hydroseed operation. These seeds are first harvested on the native seed orchard and kept in a long-term storage facility that preserves seed viability. We will take the seeds out of storage and prepare them closer to the operation. Each restoration project is unique in that each site’s target destination determines a custom seed mix selection. We need to preserve genetic suitability of wild plant populations bysourcing seeds from the same general area as the target restoration site. 

How to Begin a Project With Us…

After contacting NES directly and request services, we will work with you to establish a management plan where details of the project will be worked out, like seed mixes, location(s), and special considerations, for example.